Monday, June 02, 2008

First Weekly Weigh In

The results of the first weekly weigh in are here and my weight has dropped to, drum roll please....

...188 pounds.

Woo-hoo! I know that this is still a large number, however it represents a 3.5 lb loss since I started the whole exercise thing two weeks ago. I can't see a difference in the waist line yet, and according to my scale, my body fat percentage is roughly the same, but hey, I'll take the weight loss. Let's just hope it isn't water.

This past week was the first week where I dieted as well as really tried to get my heart rate up and I think it helped to get things going. I figure that between burning off 300 calories a day and taking in 300 less calories a day, I can lose around a pound a week. That will make my goal of 16 pounds in 3 months hard to meet, but at least the process has started. This week with both kids home from daycare, I can work out a little longer in the morning, so hopefully that will help too. I also continue to rock the Wii Fit every day for about 20 minutes of activity (not menu surfing, actual activity) which can only help in the weight loss process. I can't say that I feel much more toned, but my scores are, for the most part, improving, so I must be doing something right. I can tell you that the dancer yoga pose is pretty fucking difficult. I mean, zero points and nothing but pain difficult. I think I'll work up to that one.

More updates next week after Saturday's weigh in.

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