Friday, June 20, 2008


As promised, here are some panoramic shots of my desk at work. You'll have to forgive the blurriness of some of them as a) it's a cell phone camera, b) the lighting in here is conducive to one and only thing, crushing the souls of men, and c) my hands shake a wee bit, making it somewhat tough to line up the seams in the photos. Enjoy!

So here we have the view from my chair, were I to scoot back a few feet from my desk. Starting on the left we have my Redskins mug, the Hellboy movie poster that everyone keeps knocking down, a picture of palm trees from last year's vacation, my Xerox hat which is resting atop the unseen Dr. Chiaopolis, my Einstein-esque Chia head. After that are a bunch of pictures of the kids, a poster of Pearl Jam at Benaroya Hall, and the beginning of the Transformers collection resting on my PC (those are the Real Gear robots). The desktop image is from Okami, with Legends class Cyberton Transformers below the monitor, flanked by the protoform movie Transformers and with Pikachu in the middle, as he should be. After the monitor is Donatello from a co-worker's kid's Burger King happy meal, some more family pics, my Hellboy Animated statue, my Get Fuzzy calendar, my phone, and the deluxe class movie Transformers. Whew!

More phone goodness. More Transformers, along with my Weighted Companion Cube, half of Lugnut from the animated Transformers show and my lenticular Transformers: The Movie card resting in front of the framed picture of Fido, my trusty T-rex. Don't ask.

Here are all of the deluxe class Transformers (the ten buck ones) with some Legends class movie robots and the aforementioned Lugnut thrown in. Lugnut looks blurry because he's quivering in anticipation of being reunited with his beloved Megatron, not because I'm a shitty photographer. You can also see the corner of my New Yorker Office calendar which is filled with hilarious cartoons from New Yorker magazine about the crushing toil of everyday work. They're a hoot.

Up here are all of the Classics Transformers with some Cybertron ones thrown in as well as Animated Blackarachnia, Ratchet and Grimlock. I have some toy moving to do, so they got shoved in where they'd fit. Long time fans of the site will remember this as the location of the Battle Royale. That diorama is no more as I got tired of it and some of the combatants kept falling down. Bastards.

Finally, up top are all of the big guys. The movie Voyager and Leader class toys. Rescue Ratchet, Incinerator and Evac are in vehicle mode because they're fun to transform and I haven't gotten around to transforming all of the others. Plus, the Leader class toys make a hell of a lot of noise when you transform them, thereby cementing my coworkers' ideas about me not doing a damn thing at work.

So, there you have it. Behold my work lair of geekishness. It may be time to chronicle the Lego stronghold that is my home office as well. I'll have to spend more time with my phone's camera first though, or see if my wife's camera has the same functionality. It'll be damn hard to line up shots based on three inch tall Lego figures. To the research lab!

Enjoy the weekend.

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