Friday, May 30, 2008

Progress Report

Greetings, time for a progress report on the various things going on our lives. I have a post in mind about this whole Scott McClellan thing, but I think I'll wait for tomorrow for that.

On the daycare front, today was Abby's last day at her current school. They had agreed to let us keep her there until next week, but after her being home on Tuesday for biting, we came to the decision that it was just too stressful to have her someplace where she could come home every day and then we'd have to be pissed at her all day. This means that she'll have a week off between her past school and her new school, but it's better than paying for a week of school that she never attends.

To make sure that she had a proper send off today, Abby bit someone after two days on the biting wagon. To illustrate part of the reason why I think she still does this, I'll quote the "incident report" from her school in regards to the biting. Ahem.

"Abby bit one of her friends on the right hand because she didn't want them to touch a ruler on the teacher's desk. I told Abby that biting her friend is not ok. I also sent Abby to play at the Lego table to play by herself for a while until she calms down."

Ok, now again, I don't expect the school to raise my kid for me, but I do expect a little more punishment than being told to go play at the Lego table. I mean, even if she did have to play by herself, she's still playing! Had she bitten at home she would have been put in the corner for at least 3.5 minutes, probably longer. She wouldn't be playing, she'd most likely be crying. We're hoping that a week off will kind of reset her need to bite and that the next school will do more as a punishment than offering construction toys.

On the working out side, today marks two weeks of working out every day, save one day on the weekend. It is the single longest consecutive stretch of exercise I have ever undertaken. Linda has been doing it with me too, although she walked daily for a long while so she has a way to go before she breaks her record, and I am quite proud of both of us. I've been Wii Fitting it every night, alternating between strength training and yoga, and while I'm not sure that I'm seeing results quite yet, I think that I'm getting better at the poses. It's hard to tell at times. Tomorrow is my day off from working out so I'm going to use it as my weekly weigh in. I think I've lost some weight, but the exact amount won't be known until tomorrow. It's all very exciting, that is until I see no progress and I binge on pork ribs. Whatever the case may be, progress or pounds of pork fat, I'll update here so that you can share in my success or despair. Fun times.

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Bones said...

Geez. If I'd known biting children would've gotten me some alone time at the Lego table, I'd have started years ago.