Monday, June 16, 2008

Weekly Weigh In: Week 3

This week saw the largest weight movement thus far with a weigh in of 183.5 lbs, for a loss of 3 lbs and one inch off of ye olde waistline. Woo-hoo! The waistline measurement isn't exact as sadly, my gut is bigger than what the fabric measuring tape we have can measure. It seems like an inch, so let's just go with that.

This past weekend I did pretty well with the eating. My Father's Day choice was to get ribs from my favorite rib shack, and seeing how we did Father's Day on Saturday, I had a chance on Sunday to eat more normally, thereby making sure that I don't spend the first half of this week working off all the food I ate over the weekend. The diet is still going well, although my sister is in town this week, and today was her birthday so I ate more than usual. I still did better than I normally do in these situations, so there's that.

Last week, I finished the Doctor Strange animated movie and then finished the week off with Hellboy Animated: Blood and Iron. The Doctor Strange movie was OK. There was a lot of build up and very sedate final battle. Blood and Iron, on the other hand, kicked ass. The last time I watched this movie it was when Cartoon Network originally broadcast it and they managed to take a 75 minute movie and stretch it into two hours. In doing so, they completely shattered any narrative flow that the movie had going on. Watching it without commercials was so much better. Since then I've taken a break from the animation an am now watching Bullitt. Steve McQueen is so fucking cool that I can barely stand it. Jacqueline Bisset is pretty easy on the eyes too.

Hopefully my progress will continue on this week and soon I'll be at my goal. Then I can go back to eating like a slob. Whee!


Booster MPS said...

I would love to compare rib joints with ya some time.

CatSpit said...

*ever watching*