Friday, June 06, 2008

Blinded By the Light

Today I had to have my eyes massively dilated for a LASIK evaluation. The two receptionists made it sound like I was going to be blind for the next 24 hours, but other than needing to wear sunglasses on the way home, and while doing dishes (no shaded on the windows above the sink) and while mowing the lawn, things have been fairly normal. Oh sure, everything has a somewhat blurry tinge to it, and I can't read too well, but other than that, and looking like a junkie, it's all peachy keen.

I'm still not sure if LASIK is an option for me as I may have developed a condition in my right eye that manifests itself as astigmatism, severely so in younger people, and it's not treatable with LASIK. They can install something in your eye, like a contact lens, that stretches the cornea to be more round, or I can just wear a contact in my right eye, neither of which are all that attractive an option. Truth be told, unless I needed the contact to keep my eyes, well eye, from getting worse, I'd probably just go back to glasses. Either that or a monocle, although that last one will require a lot of convincing of ye olde wife.

I'll be having the final LASIK evaluation in the next couple of weeks, and they'll do a corneal topography to see once and for all just how jacked up my eye is. Hopefully not too much and they can fire up the Lasertron 4000 and get things done. Whatever the cause, I'll be sure to share all of my eye slicing stories with all of you. I'm sure you can't wait.

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