Monday, June 23, 2008

Weekly Weigh In: Week 4

After a week of what seemed like complete and total starvation, I emerged from the week with a new weight of 182.5. This represents a loss of either a pound or a pound and a half, depending on which value from the previous week's weigh-in you're going with. I was a little disappointed in the loss, as I had wished for more, but I was a Wii Fit slacker all week, exercising maybe one night. My disappointment quickly faded though when I busted out the measuring tape and found that I now have a 38 inch waist line, something I haven't had in years. It's all very strange how you can go all week, seemingly without losing anything and then a bunch of weight falls off, or how you can be losing weight but your stomach remains the same size until you lose some minuscule amount of weight and it is coupled with a 2 inch drop in the waist size. Methinks there's some inaccurate measuring going on, but still, it all can't be chalked up to incompetence. Then again, this is me, so maybe it can be.

This past week I finished watched Bullitt and Hellboy Animated: Sword of Storms which I finished up today. Tomorrow I'm going to start on the stack of horror movies I've had sticking around for some time now but never got around to watching. I have The Host (Korean monster movie), The Cottage (crime horror comedy), The Mist (American monster movie) and The Ruins (American sort of monster movie). Most of them are around 90 minutes, which makes for something I can watch in the space of a week without the weekend dulling my memory. My memory isn't so good to begin with, even when it's not being starved so all bets are off when dieting. I'm lucky I remember to put pants on in the morning. I did put pants on didn't I?


Ah. Ahem. Back in a bit.


CatSpit said...

Don't become over-fixated on the numbers game my friend. Your body is experiencing stimuli, and adapting to those stimuli as it can. It is re-proportioning that you are experiencing; not all weight comes off easily. Sometimes I've lost 5lb in a week and not a single nugget of change in my waistline. It comes off at different rates from different parts of the body. A small weight loss and large change in measurement is usually indicative that you're losing fat, which is precisely your goal. Larger weight losses are usually indicative of a loss of muscle, which weighs much more than fat.

In short - take it to the bridge and make it funky.

Bones said...

Your sketch is a work in progress...meaning that once I start to work on it, I'll definitely make progress! HA!

I kid. I actually found a really cool old Jim Aparo cover that I'm using as inspiration, and I'm trying to do my absolute best for ya on it. It should be really nice when I'm finished.

As for the PS3, you're more than welcome to come over anytime you want and play it. I have 3 whole games for it!