Monday, June 09, 2008

Weekly Weigh In: Week 2

I figured that I'd be in for some problems on Saturday as Friday we had a pot luck at work and people brought in an obscene amount of food. Granted, I didn't have any dinner, so I had almost 24 hours to digest everything but still. Imagine my surprise when Saturday's weigh-in showed 187 and then 186.5, a drop of 1.5 or two pounds, depending on which reading you go with.

Alas, my poor eating continued into the weekend, so that was the last time I'd see those low numbers all weekend. Granted, I didn't eat so much as to gain it all back, I'm not sure that's even physically possible, but still. My scale is, unfortunately, somewhat wonky, so I'm not sure exactly what's going on, however the Wii balance board noticed an uptick as well, so there was definitely some bad stuff going on, the debate is just over how bad it is.

I slacked off pretty heavily with Wii Fit over the week out of nothing but laziness and a desire to play GTA IV however I made up for it by riding the bike an extra 1o minutes a day. Alas, I don't have that luxury this week so it's back to the yoga and push-ups. When you're trying to just get a small work out in, all of the extra crap you have to do in the menus becomes a real pain in the ass. Even so, I should be able to strike a nice balance between Wii Fit and my other gaming this week. Even if the Wii Fit isn't helping so much with the weight loss, I'm definitely getting better at the exercises, so something good is going on.

In other news, I watched the Marvel animated flick The Invincible Iron Man last week while working out and man, what a stupid piece of crap that was. I think I only paid something like five bucks to buy it, but it was still a waste. Now I'm watching the animated Doctor Strange movie, and aside from there being some sort of ridiculous super group of sorcerers, it's not bad. Given that the one guy in the group is shown on the DVD box fighting with Doc Strange, I'm assuming this dude kills everyone else off, leaving Strange as the Sorcerer Supreme. I don't see how this is supposed to be a big deal as apparently they can just recruit any old person to wield Teh Majiks, but I'm sure the movie will explain it all in it's own retarded way. At least the animation for the magic is cool. After this one, I think I'll watch the animated Hellboy movies as I know they're good.

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I am slimming down myself. What helps me is doing different activities to mix it up and keep it interesting.

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