Thursday, January 10, 2008

Yet Another Review

My review of Medal of Honor Heroes 2 for the PSP is up and running. This review, and the review of the same game on the Wii, was my first experience writing two different reviews of what is essentially the exact same game, only on different platforms. My second example is the two-fer I did with Geometry Wars: Galaxies, one part of which has already been posted. It's an interesting exercise, as it forces you to be more creative, however it's still not very fun. Oh sure, there will always be different things to write in regards to the visuals and the controls, but that's such a small portion of your review, that you end up having to come up with two different ways to say the exact same thing, and both have to be entertaining.

I have, as in the case of Crash of the Titans been told I can write one review to cover both games, and get paid for playing both, but honestly, when I do that I don't feel like I'm earning my money. Granted, it's not like 50 bucks is an incredible sum, but it's a hell of a lot more than I'd get paid to play games on my own and I am truly grateful for the opportunity GameShark has afforded me so I'm not about to get all uppity about the payment. If the task of writing multiple reviews of the same game gets to be too much, I guess I can just do what they did over at IGN with their Harvey Birdman reviews, namely take the Wii review and cut and paste it into the PSP review, complete with the line about how the reader may be a Sony diehard who would never play a Nintendo game. I could be wrong, but I'm pretty sure the PSP is a Sony product. Yep. Just checked. It is. Nice one there guys. Way to fucking edit.

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