Monday, January 07, 2008

The Big Letdown

When the Redskins made it to the playoffs, I believe I said something along the lines that I didn't care what happened to them as I was just happy that they made it. I am now retracting that statement. Losing in the first round sucked. Big time. I'm still proud of the team, and it's better than not making it at all, however I'll miss reading about the team and getting all pumped up for a game. After the stress that was Saturday's loss, I'm not sure I could have weathered another round, but it would have been nice to go a wee bit farther. Alas, now there's nothing sports related for me to care about until September. Oh sure, I'll follow teams and watch the Super Bowl, if only for the snacks, but it's not nearly the same. Oh well.

I saw Puzzle Quest for the DS at Target this weekend for 15 bucks, and in a moment of weakness I bought it. Truth be told, I never should have gotten rid of it in the first place. I haven't started it up again as I'm just not ready for that kind of addiction again, but I can here it whispering to me from the confines of my DS case. Oh how it whispers. With so many games on the PSP to finish, as well as the Lego Star Wars: The Complete Saga I just fired up on the DS, my portable dance card is full. I need to make some progress in those before I start chasing that puzzle dragon. Lego Star Wars is fun, and appears to be a pretty good representation of the Lego franchise on the DS, however it's amazing how much my hatred of the Episodes 1 - 3 of Star Wars makes me not want to play this game. Well, that's not entirely true. The game is fun, and I do want to play it, but not because of the story, or the characters. I want to play it so that I can make neat things out of Legos. I'm hoping that this is where the Lego Batman game will differ. In the case of Batman, I won't know the plot, or already have been disappointed by it, so it'll have the intoxicating mix of novelty and Legos. And Batman. And punching. That's quite the mix.

I started back working out today and I still hate it with a fervent passion, however being able to watch Cheers episodes while working out dulls the rage somewhat. I've probably seen these episodes a dozen times and they still make me laugh which speaks to either their timelessness or my long term memory loss. Either way, I win. And for the record, I too am smokin' in any jacket.

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CatSpit said...

Ahh January workouts. For me, after nigh on 3 weeks off in the UK gorging on Mum's food and Real Ale it was actually a breath of fresh air to get back in the gym yesterday.. Today, I am a broken man!