Friday, November 23, 2007

Where Technology Goes to Die

I am currently residing at a place where it takes less time for me to type out an email to Mobile Blogger via my very undextrous thumbs and send it into the ether over my phone's normal connection than it is to connect via dial-up and use Teh Intarwebs. As if by magic I am transported to 1998 when the shrieking tones of the 56.6 kbps modem heralded a new age of connectivity. Truly, this is where technology goes to die.

On the plus side, my grandmother looks well and was finally able to meet her great-granddaughter. Unfortunately, I was made to feel ancient as I saw my cousin, now a woman of 24, whom I remember holding as an infant. Thankfully we were able to communicate through the universal language of how awesome Rock Band is. Were it not for that, chirps and whistles would have been our only recourse.

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