Thursday, November 29, 2007

Some Gaming Updates

So Linda reaches out to a friend of ours that we lost touch with after college and passes on my blog name and address right when I go on a tear about Reese's peanut butter cups. Nice. Welcome to the blog Woj. I can't say it gets much better than posts about candy.

I have some gaming tidbits to pass on. Nothing all that interesting, but hey, posting every day rarely results in anything interesting. Hell, posting every week rarely results in anything interesting around here.

I started playing Manhunt 2 and man, what an all-encompassingly mediocre game. It's tough to review a game thirty days after it came out, especially a game so hyped up as this one, and not have the other reviews color your expectations. I like to think that I'm capable of separating my opinion from those of others, but if my review ends up reading like all the other ones out there, don't be surprised. Sometimes, a cigar is just a cigar and an unimpressive game is just an unimpressive game.

Most of the time my reviews seem to fall in line with "popular" opinion, which isn't too surprising, I guess. When I don't, it's usually for the better, which always shocks me because I hate everything. Crash of the Titans, for example really surprised me, not just because I enjoyed it so much, but because of the negative reviews written by other people. Similarly, I know I rated The Darkness higher than a lot of other sites, but I think that's because I don't really give a damn about multiplayer, so I don't care how many modes there are. Also, and I know I'm in the minority on this, but I think the story in The Darkness was better than the one in BioShock. Sure, the atmosphere of BioShock was more immersive, but I felt a lot more connected to Jackie in The Darkness than I did the guy in BioShock, whatever his name is. I'm glad I ended up being the one to review The Darkness for GameShark because the A- I gave it means it can be in contention for the various Game of the Year awards. Score!

I've played a little more Rock Band, this time on the guitar and man, I just love this game to pieces. I seriously don't know how you could go back to Guitar Hero after playing this game. The way that your band is portrayed while in the middle of a song is just amazing. Plus, "Hand That Feeds"? Oh. My. God. Awesome to the power of awesome.

After Manhunt 2 comes Medal of Honor Heroes 2. I'm quite looking forward to that one, for a bunch of reasons, but mostly to use my new Wii Zapper to fill Nazi's with hot lead. I also have Ghost Squad coming via GameFly so the light gun games will soon be all up in this bitch.

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woj said...

Sometimes, you just gotta get those rants out of your system. Rage on, my Reeses-brained-amigo!

Great to hear from you and Linda. Joanna was happy to read all of the messages too. As if by some butterfly-effect coincidence Ron spent the TG weekend in Idaho with me and Joanna and we were wondering what happened to you, but only Linda has the presence of mind to use Google!