Thursday, November 22, 2007

We're Here

We have arrived safely in beautiful Clifton Park, NY despite the
airline's best intentions to keep us away. Oddly enough, our luggage,
which stayed on the flight we were removed from, for fear we'd miss
our connection, made it here before we did.

It's cold and overcast here, which is pretty much how I remember it.
We won't be moving back any time soon.

To prepare for the trip I picked up Mario Party and Orcs & Elves, both
for the DS. Both are fun, however Mario Party's insistence that I be
the one to defeat the current board's boss is maddening, especially
when I keep losing to Mario. That fucker cheats. Orcs & Elves is
pure old school RPG goodness. There's a great review of it over at
GameShark. I'd link to it but have bo idea how yo do so via mobile
blogging. As it is now, my thumbs are about to fall off from typing
on this blasted phone.

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