Monday, November 19, 2007

Preparing to Salute Myself

Rock Band drops on Tuesday and with it, I am on the precipice of fulfilling my life's dream of rocking the fuck out full time. Now, there are a few bumps in the road to superstardom, namely that I have to review Manhunt 2 and Medal of Honor Heroes 2 before I can start it, but I'm sure I can take a minute or two out of my busy schedule tomorrow to give the axe a try.

Knowing that the hammer of Rock is about to be dropped on my, your's and everyone in a five mile radius's collective asses, I am in the process of finalizing my band name. The band name is one of the most important thing you can come up with, as no one wants to spend 25 bucks to go see Frank Comely and the Up-and-Comers. I don't know, maybe they do. Anyway, here are the options thus far:

AC Zero
Saving Throw
Dr. Monkey
Big Casino

The first two are D&D references, which will get me in with the nerdcore crowd. Viaduct, while having nothing to do with rock, is just a cool sounding word. Dr. Monkey comes from this t-shirt, which I love to no end. Big Casino is the name of the first single off of the new Jimmy Eat World album, so the band name serves as both a tribute to an awesome band, and just a cool name in general. Bill Harris, proprietor of the awesome blog Dubious Quality is partial to Saving Throw. Linda feels that Viaduct is the most rock band sounding name. I'm partial to AC Zero and Big Casino. From Dubious Quality comes word of this super cool band name generator, which will no doubt help me with additional ideas, however if I can't pick from five names, I'm not sure I need more.

What say you teeming throngs?


Greg said...

I say go with Saving Throw. My Guitar Hero band name was "Grandpa Snakefoot", a name of which I was proud.

Bones said...

I like Saving Throw too, but then the most original thing I could come up with in GHII was "Defbones" so take that for what it's worth.