Thursday, May 08, 2008

Buying my Childhood Ten Dollars at a Time

The new Indiana Jones toys are out and while I hadn't planned on getting any of them, once I saw the set where Indy is trying to steal the idol from the beginning of Raiders, I couldn't resist.

While not canonical in that removing the idol didn't cause a bear trip to spear Indy's genitals, it is still a fun little toy. Pulling out the idol causes the "jaws" to spring shut, unless the bottom portion of the pedestal is rotated until it makes a clicking noise. If only Indy knew about this ahead of time, he could have saved himself a bunch of time and all that rock dodging.

The other toy in the line I'm interested is the Adventure Heroes set containing Belloq and a ghost from the Arc of the Covenant.

I find it hilarious that Belloq is so happy, what with the cheery ghost next to him is about to make his head explode. I guess if you haven't seen the movie, you'll think that they're about to shake their massive hands together and then go get a cream soda. Of course, if I buy it and then explain to people why I have it, I'll get more of the strange looks I've grown so accustomed to, so perhaps I'll skip it and just giggle in the toy aisle.

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Greg said...

Have you seen Raiders of the Lost Ark: The Adaptation? I think they're making a documentary on the making of the whole thing.

Basic story: back when Raiders first came out, a couple kids (who are our age) decided to remake the movie with a VHS camcorder.

It took them 11 years.