Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Scheduling Difficulties

Wii Fit drops tomorrow, much to the chagrin of everyone who thought it was coming out today, including various retailers. The Penny Arcade game also comes out tomorrow. As I'm reviewing both of them, my current plan is to play the PA game on my laptop, provided that the demo runs smoothly. I certainly don't want any hardware issues causing problems as I won't know if the issue is with my laptop or with the game itself. I like the idea of playing the PA game on the 360 as there are achievements and you can carry your character over to the next episode, but playing two console games at the same time may prove problematic. Luckily, one of these games is an exercise game, and I've recently started exercising in the morning, thereby giving me time to play.

The bottom line is that both games will get played, both games will get my full attention and both games will get reviewed. It's just a matter of which platforms they end up getting played on. I'm interested in seeing how both games turn out as I think that both have the potential for going either way. Between the two, if one is going to tank, I'd rather it be the PA game as I'm only paying 20 bucks for that one, as opposed to 90 for Wii Fit. Dollar dollar bill, y'all. Here's hoping neither one sucks and my 110 bucks buys me fits of eternal bliss.

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