Friday, May 09, 2008

The Cold, Hard Truth

So I've been dieting this week as I need to lose almost 20 pounds and I've come to the realization that I absolutely hate dieting. I'm not sure anyone loves dieting, but to not be able to eat what I want sucks. Hard. Up until this week, I thought that dieting was my only option as I hate exercising too, however what this week has taught me is that my hatred for exercise is nothing compared to my hatred for watching what I eat.

As a result, it's time to put my exercise plan into motion. As we all know, I hate exercising because it's boring and with the limited free time I have, I don't want to spend it out playing the few sports I do enjoy like tennis or racquetball. Given that I like spending my free time playing video games, what if there were a way for me to exercise while playing games and not just Wii Fit? Enter the recumbent exercise bike.

I have room in my basement to put a recumbent bike in so that I can ride it while playing video games. Given that it's in the basement, it'll be out of the way so that I don't have to move it around unless Linda and I want to watch a movie. With a heart rate monitor to make sure I'm spending as much time pedaling as I do playing, there's no reason I can't bike for 45 minutes or so every evening. Looking up things on the laptop while playing will be a problem, but with the proper planning, I'm sure I can even mitigate those issues to a certain degree. I've already tested my plan out on various exercise bikes, and they all have wide enough seats to be able to sit, pedal and play without fear of falling out and injuring yourself.

Now, I'm not saying that with this plan I'll be able to eat what I want, as I've gotten into plenty of bad eating habits of late that have to stop, but hopefully spending more time exercising will mean less time counting calories. The only problem will be when I'm playing or have to review Wii games, as if there are any motion controls, I'll probably wipe out and break something. I'll have to figure something out for those times as I plan on playing Okami at some point and I don't want to explain to the emergency room doctor why I was waggling and driving at the same time.

I'll do my best to keep you up to date on my fitness progress, unless a) I don't stick with it or b) I exercise my ass off and don't lose weight. Then I'll just hide in shame.


CatSpit said...

Im really glad to hear of the effort you're making mate. Word to the wise - if you can find 45 mins at the start of your day rather than at the end it will be a lot more effective. Look up bonk training sometime it's been the singular best way that I've used to cut weight over the years. Of course, i'm sure everything changes with kids.

Brandon said...

Seeing how I get up at 5:15 as it is, getting the exercise at the start of the morning may be tough, however as time goes on, we'll see how it goes.

I'll look at this bonk training thing.