Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Pride, I No Has It

I cheated at Wii Fit today.

I didn't cheat on a yoga pose, or pretend to do more jackknifes than I actually did. Instead I cheated at a balance board game. Personally, I think that's worse as the game cares when I do my push-ups wrong, and gets quite snotty actually, but could care less at how poorly I do at the balance board games.

There's this one game where you use the board to direct your bubble encased Mii down a river, dodging bees and the riverbank at the same time. If you even brush up against the bank the bubble pops and presumably you drown. Time and time again I got to the same damn point, burst my bubble and sank into the icy deep. I got so frustrated that I got down on my hands and knees, offered a prayer of apology to the gaming gods and used my hands to navigate the treacherous waters. My reward was a journey under a rainbow, applause by the other Miis on my system and the ability to traverse the advanced course. Great. As if the easy course wasn't hard enough on my balance deficient ass.

I'm chalking up my subterfuge to the fact that I needed to win to see what happened for review purposes and not because I'm a cheating bastard that refuses to be beaten by a glorified bathroom scale. That's my story and it'll take more than several drowned Miis to change it, but you're welcome to try.

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Greg said...

I just unlocked that bubble one last night. I made it 996 yards, but that was the only time I got past the fork in the river.