Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Single Minded

Not much to say today as I'm still knee deep in Smash Brothers and I'm getting tired of talking about it, so I can only assume you're ten times more tired of reading about it. I've been coming home every day at lunch to play it, bringing some coworkers with me today and we had an absolute blast. It's amazing how grown men can thump their chest about winning as a giant, spiked lizard as if they just knocked our Joe Frasier. Online continues to vex me, which, unfortunately, I'll have no choice but to knock the game for in the review, unless they can get their shit together in the next couple of days.

I said I wasn't going to talk about Smash, and looky there, I did. I'm a bad man.

We're currently watching season 2 of "Without a Trace" on DVD. What a great show this is. I'm not one for procedural dramas, as I like overarching stories, but this such a well done show, I'm ok with most things being wrapped up in an episode. Anthony LaPaglia is a damn fine actor. Now they just need to release the third season on up on DVD and we'll be all set.

Back to smashing. Bye!

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Antek said...

talk all you want about it Smash Brothers ROCKS, Toon Link FTW !!!

oh and Without a Trace is real good. For a non related recommendation I just finished watching the HBO series "Rome" on dvd and it was amazing.