Monday, February 18, 2008

Sporadic Updates

The wife is traveling this week, which puts me on the spot for all things child related. This, combined with the fact that I finished Professor Layton early (don't wait for the review, just go and buy it) and can spend two full nights gaming without the review monkey on my back means that updates will be sporadic this week. I'll do my best to stick to our usual schedule, but after an evening of being the chief cook, bottle washer, laundress and child wrangler, when the time to sit down comes and I have to choose between the blog and Assassin's Creed, well, let's just say that there will be a few less Templars in the world.

I will comment that the new Batman Lego sets that they unveiled at Toy Fair means that I am seriously running out of space. The fact that my Collector's edition Batmobile is on the tv in my bedroom, and that my Alternator's Ravage and First Watch Optimus Prime are in the movie room means that my toys have already started to bleed out into the rest of the house, where the normal folk live. Between all of the Transformers and the new Lego sets, I literally have no space for it all. Time to build that addition we've always dreamed about. I know that you might be thinking that I don't have to buy the Batman Lego sets, but seriously, Harley Quinn drives a huge ATV equipped with a mallet labeled "Whack-A-Bat". How can I not have that?

I can't not have it. That's how. Sheesh. The nerve of some people.

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