Friday, February 08, 2008

Drop It Like It's Yahtz

When we went on vacation this past summer, Linda and I brought Uno while my mom and sister brought Yahtzee and much fun was had by all, particularly me as I was en fuego as the kids would say, sweeping one entire evening of gameplay.

Alas, it would appear that the fuego has been put out.

A couple of weeks back, Linda "suggested" that she and I spend some more times playing games together, rather than me playing with the DS or the PSP when I'm watching tv. The married portion of my audience will understand what the quotes surrounding that word mean. Linda has a long, proud history of completely destroying me at any card game that we play, however given my success at Yahtzee last summer, I figured that maybe board games would work better. Thus, Yahtzee was brought into the home. I also ordered Lost Cities and Mystery Rummy: Jekyll and Hyde from Amazon to bring even more game playing goodness into the home. I realize that both of these games are card based, but as they're not traditional card games, I felt safe ordering them.

That is, until last evening.

I felt particularly good about my chances before sitting down to the table, spreading the dice out before me and starting up the latest episode of the new Terminator show. By the way, I have no idea what happened in that show this past week, but man Summer Glau is fucking hot. Christ.

But I digress. Whatever Yahtzee spirit that guided my hand in May has completely abandoned me as my score sank deeper and deeper into the mire as every throw resulted in a zero. Were it possible to sell my soul for a large straight, I would have. By the third game, things stared coming my way, allowing me to pull a victory out, but by then I had been beaten two games to one and it was getting late. I have determined that Linda's gaming mojo must be hindered when there are others playing with us, however when it's just me to beat up, she can bring the full power of her destructive force to bear on my unsuspecting person.

Despite being beaten, and not only beaten, but nary a Yahtzee was thrown among us, I'm still looking forward to our games arriving and more gaming at home. It is nice to interact with Linda over a game, even if it heralds my crushing defeat and there are certainly plenty of games to choose from. Unfortunately she has no interest in the upcoming Risk: Black Ops, but maybe if I lose enough she'll feel sorry for me and play it with me. Doubtful, but there's always hope. I'm just glad she doesn't bowl. I don't think my ego could handle it.


Greg said...

A few good board games that Linda and I play together: Settlers of Catan, Runebound, and Carcassonne. I blogged about them a while back - all are fun and somewhat less complex than Risk. I hear Robo-Rally is also good.

Brandon said...

Yeah, I thought about Carcassonne and Settlers of Catan, but Linda wasn't interested in them. I'll have to check out Runebound.