Thursday, February 28, 2008

I Hate Informants

Seriously, I hate them. It's times like this, I'm not sure which I hate more, informants incapable of killing their own damn Templars, or the achievement that requires me to go and kill said Templars. At this point, I think it's a draw. I have one more informant left before I can do my final assassination and it's a doozy. Five kills in five minutes, they're all bunched up and the damn crazy people keep punching me. Maybe tomorrow night, when I'm coming in fresh I can take care of it, but tonight I was so pissed, I started assassinating citizens just to blow off steam. Don't mess with the pissed off assassin!

In other news, I'll be reviewing Lost: Via Domus for the 360. I have zero expectations as I remember being burned by the X-Files PC game years and years ago, but it's supposed to be short, fairly simple and an easy 1000 points. The fact that I'll get paid 50 bucks to play it is just gravy.

Finally, have you heard about the joy that is Puzzle Quest: Galactrix? It's Puzzle Quest, in space, but the board pieces are hexagonal and instead of the pieces falling just from the top, they may come in from the side, based on where your ship is. It's not supposed to drop until autumn, so between that and football season, you can go ahead and just hit the fast forward button right now.

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Greg said...

Just a few weeks until Assassins Creed comes out on PC. Wonder if my aging machine will be able to run it?

Galactrix looks awesome. I first heard about it back in June, but the new info makes me even more eager to get my hands on a copy.

I'm still at work here after 8PM MST. What the hell?