Wednesday, February 06, 2008

My Failing Vision

For the past few years, my LASIK'd eyes, more specifically, my right eye, has been getting less and less efficient at referring clear visual information to my brain. In other words, I don't see so good.

I originally thought that it was because the LASIK was wearing off, as it is known to do, however the last time I went to the eye doctor, I was told that I have developed astigmatism in my right eye, a far cry from the nearsightedness that plagued me as a youth. Unfortunately, this morning, when I closed my left eye and looked at my computer screen, I realized I couldn't see for shit out of my right eye. Crap.

Luckily, the place where I got my LASIK done, by the same doctor who did Tiger Woods's eyes no less, gives free touch ups for life, as long as you get regular check ups and don't stick a pencil in your eye. I have successfully done the former and avoided the latter, so hopefully I'll be eligible, however given that my recent blindness is due to a new condition, rather than a reemergence of my past condition, I'm not so sure. Linda said I can get the procedure done even if we have to pay for all of it, but I'm not so sure that's where I want our money to go. We do have bathrooms that need to be redone. Besides, with my glasses on, I feel closer to my people.

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Booster MPS said...

I know how you feel man. I gave up a couple of years ago and got reading glasses. My distance vision is great but up close sucks.