Friday, May 25, 2007

Damn It Was A Good Day

Man, Thursday turned out to be one of the bestest days evar!

First, the Real Gear robots went on sale at the Hasbro online toy shop, so I was able to use my super Koju code for extra savings and free shipping, thereby saving myself even more money. These savings were offset somewhat by two new Real Gear robots I had no previous knowledge of, but in the end, it's all good. These should ship today, so hopefully I'll have them around the same time the toys go on sale at your local toy shops, unlike my other 6 toys which will arrive some time in the next decade.

Second, when I got home I had three glorious packages waiting for me. One of them was "3 and the Beast", the super rocking new album by Super 400. Not only did it arrive quickly, but my request for an autographed copy upon ordering was granted. Wahey! The band and I hail from the same area and I was able to leverage this for some sweet, sweet John Hancockery. My second package was this very cool Overcompensating poster from web cartoonist extraordiaire, Jeff Rowland. It too was autographed and had a little sketch of Joanna the zombie cat. It patiently awaits framing in its cardboard sleeve. There will only be 250 of these, so I'm like a collector or something. My third package was from Bones and Cathie to celebrate the momentous occasion that was my birth. It included a protoform Optimus Prime and a very nice, stand up Superman card decorated with a custom Batman sketch by Bones himself. It also had some disparaging comments regarding Superman Returns which I have chosen to ignore lest the bonds of friendship between Bones and I go up in flames.

I know it seems like the day absolutely could not get any better, but I was there, and I'm here to tell you that it totally did.

I fired up Crackdown to commandeer some more cars and await a my co-worker Matt's arrival so we could continue the time trials on Psychotic, when I remembered that previous car commandeering missions took me past a hidden orb on a bridge that I wanted to go back and collect. I did not know that you could walk on a catwalk under the bridge, and after collecting the orb, I noticed there were apartment buildings also under the bridge. I ventured over there, found another hidden orb and what, off to the right did I see, but one of the three remaining agility orbs I needed. I ran over and collected it and then went back to the apartment buildings to scour some more. After collecting another hidden orb, I looked around and realized that these buildings bordered some rock outcroppings that I had seen when taking down one of the gang bosses but never really explored. As I looked over the outcroppings, I saw yet another agility orb. I ran over and collected it and was now up to 499 of 500 orbs. Surely there can't be any more, I thought. Best be safe, I thought. I ran over some rocks, to a peninsula that looked vaguely unfamiliar and that's when I saw it.

Ladies and gentlemen, what you see before you is Agility Orb 500 of 500. After going upstairs and behaving like a giddy schoolgirl in front of my wife, I quickly sent a message to Matt regarding my find and then picked up the controller and slowly moved my Agent into the orb, thereby collecting it and unlocking the coveted Free Runner achievement. 50 achievement points gained and one big weight removed from my gaming neck. Truly this is a day that will live forever.

After that it was all good in the hood, kicking time trials ass and taking names. Soon the Psyche Out achievement will also fall before me and I can continue commandeering vehicles all willy nilly.

Once the gaming was done, it was back upstairs to watch the Lost finale, which just happened to be one of the finest season finales I've ever seen and cemented Lost's status as one of the best shows on televison.

Today I didn't even have to use my A.K.
I got to say it was a good day .


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Bones said...

Congrats on the achievement! I still need about 10 orbs, but despite trying my hardest I can't trick myself into actually playing Crackdown when it's sitting in my drive. I know the Halo beta is there and that's always where I end up.

Again, glad you liked your bday stuff. Sorry it got there so late. Although I must admit I'm a bit confused as to what comments you're referring to. For the Batman sketch, I plead guilty, but if Superman had anything to say then that's between you and him ;)

MQ said...

I'm guessing your day didn't end in sex. Call me crazy, but for guy, I was sure that's how this post would end. :)


suburbanjoe said...

I didn't want to kiss and tell, but the sex occurred earlier in the day. ;)