Friday, March 30, 2007

New MC Frontalot Album

MC Frontalot's new album "Secrets From the Future" drops on April 6th and woe to those that don't pick it up. It is available for preordering for those of you as superfresh, or possibly superfresher, as I. Here's a quick test to determine if you're fly enough to preorder this album:

1) Do you like mad rhymes about nerd heavy stuff like encryption?
2.) Do you have the $15.95 needed to swing both the cost of the disc and the S&H?
3.) Do you have access to Teh Intraweb?

Answering yes to those three puts you in a category of megadopeness necessary to preorder this compliation of what will no doubt be unrelentingly thick rhymes.

The Front is also going on tour, however just like last year, he is visiting the ATL on a day when I will be away on vacation. I like to think that this is the universe's way of keeping two people of such incredible funkosity out of range of one another lest a quantum groovularity open and the world be sucked into a Black Hole of Soul. It could also just be an unfortunate coincidence.

For those that are not in danger of rending the world asunder by being near the Front, please attend one of his shows and report back. I am interested at the level of raptacularness that is achieved. I expect it to be staggering.

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