Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Behold! Self-sufficiency Is Nigh!

The first step on the road to self sufficiency has been taken. No longer shall I bow to the yoke of my grocery store oppressors! I have started growing my own plants, nay crops, and soon I shall harvest them all the way to the um, food storing place.

Witness my greenery first hand!

From left to right are jalapeno peppers, basil, oregano and cherry tomatoes. I should give Linda some credit as she bought them, brought them home and planted them, but I'm the one who told her what I wanted when she called me. That wasn't easy. I mean, she was only taking care of our sick daughter while I was going coming back from getting coffee.

This is beside the point though. The point is that no longer shall I live under the thumb of Irwin Kroger and John Q. Publix. Independence shall be mine! Soon nature's bounty will be open to me and I shall have everything I need from my deck as long as I plan on living on a diet of jalapeno peppers, basil, oregano and cherry tomatoes.

Actually, this last crop is the one I'm most excited about. If it takes off like I hope it does, then we'll be living like kings.

Kings I tell you! Kings!


Bones said...

Just think of all the "meat sandwiches" Binky Jr. will be able to make!

Greg said...

I have a good recipe for meat flavored ice cream that I can give you once that meat sprouts up.

k o w said...

Wheres the peanut plant?