Monday, March 26, 2007


Greetings! I thought I'd pop in for the benefit of any new readers who might have been sent here from Dubious Quality. We stick to kind of an odd schedule here, so I figured it would be beneficial to lay out what you can expect from day to day.

Think about posting. Don't.

Think about posting. Feel somewhat guilty about not having posted on Monday. Plan on posting at lunch but instead go to Target and look at Nerf sniper rifles.

Read something funny on Penny Arcade. Plan out post. Play on my DS all through lunch and then go get a big soda. Think about posting at night. Don't.

Spend the day trying to remember what it is I was going to post about on Wednesday.

Realize I haven't posted in a week. Snap some poorly lit pictures of Transformers with my Treo's camera, post them with some witty comments and call it a day. Go bowling.

Saturday and Sunday

As you can tell, our work ethic here is beyond reproach! We look forward to not entertaining you in the future.


Greg said...

Is that the royal we?

suburbanjoe said...

I'm heir to the throne of the Netherlands, so yes, it is. Stay thy tongue commoner!

Greg said...

Help! I'm being oppressed!