Friday, June 30, 2006


Sorry for the late post. I had planned on posting in the afternoon but then my daughter had to come home from daycare and play all afternoon. Apparantly whatever was ailing her at school dissapated upon getting home. Now I'm a wee bit too tired.

Given that I'm not playing any games, I'm going to take what I would have posted today (it's all written up in my head) and post it on Monday in lieu of a gaming post.

In the meantime, go and see "Superman Returns". It is an amazing piece of work and restores Superman to his rightful place in the superhero movie pantheon. It is abundantly clear that the reason X-Men 3 sucked so badly was because Bryan Singer wasn't working on it. I'm sure I'll talk about it and other media I have consumed lately, probably on Friday.

Have a good weekend and a great 4th, for those of you in our US of A.


monique said...

Is it good? I was thinking it had a lot to live up to given how good Spiderman was...

suburbanjoe said...

It was like the most awesomest thing ever.