Monday, June 12, 2006

DS Lite Initial Impressions

Did you have a glorious DS Lite Sunday? I know that I did as I was able to purchase it and spend a whopping 15 minutes or so with it. Yay. It's mostly my fault as I was on the last episode of season 1 of Deadwood and I needed to finish that season out so that I can start season 2 so that I can then watch season 3. I also had to spend the time uploading all of the fine pictures that go along with this post so that you, dear reader, have the best idea as to the gloriousness of the DS Lite that one man can provide. It's a sad fucking day when you spend more time uploading pictures of a video game device so that you can write a post about said device than you do actually playing the fucking thing. Hoople-head, thy name is Brandon.

My initial impression is that it kicks massive amounts of ass. It's smaller, lighter, prettier, brighter and seems to produce a nicer range of colors than the original DS. The stylus is also bigger and feels better in one's hand. On the minus side, it doesn't come with a wrist strap, thumb nubbin' thing, which I find to be the best stylus for Metroid Prime: Hunters, the battery life will be shorter if you use the highest brightness setting and it uses a different A/C adaptor, so any adaptors you may have purchased to charge your DS overseas are now rendered useless. The redesign also makes GBA carts stick out a centimeter or so, but I don't have any GBA carts, so that isn't a concern for me. For perverts like Keg who like to make themselves the meat in an Advance Wars sandwich, this may be an issue.

All of the buttons feel a great deal more responsive. With the DS, sometimes it didn't feel like you were actually pressing the button, which for games like Castlevania and Mario Kart, which don't use the stylus, was a big deal. The smaller size makes the screens look bigger as well as make it a little easier to hold for those non-stylus games. It seems less top heavy too, however that could just be an effect of the overall weight reduction.

Swapping over your Wi-Fi information from your old DS to the DS Lite is an exercise in simplicity so you don't have to worry about losing all of your friends codes or your WEP key or whatever other bits of knowledge you have kicking around in there. You simply start up a Wi-Fi enabled game on the old DS, choose the option to transfer your settings, turn on the new DS Lite, pick the option for download play, and voila, everything is transferred. Transferring it will remove it completely from the DS, so if you plan on keeping it for a family member that will be using mostly the same settings, you may want to get acquanted with that new stylus and do everything manually.

All in all, I'm quite happy with it, even if I haven't been able to do a lot with it as of yet. I should be pissed that I had to buy the blasted thing in the first place, rather than have the DS be this well designed at launch, but at the same time, I paid 6 bucks for the DS Lite, after trade-ins, so it's hard to be mad when so little real life money exchanged hands. Plus, I can assure you that I've spent far more on things that have ended up sucking out completely. *cough*PSP*cough*

Now, on with the pictures! All I ask is that rather than view the pictures as a slideshow, you take the time to view them one at a time, lest you lose out on the amazingly hilarious comments. It's not like you have anything better to do.


k o w said...

Picking it up tonight and can't wait. The ribs pic was it for me. But I missed the hilarious comments.

Greg said...

Got mine! Trauma Center is freaking hard, and Meteos is a bit disappointing.

k o w said...

Meteos disappointing?


suburbanjoe said...

Trauma Center is wicked hard. Wait until you get to the last mission. You'll want to hit someone, or something.

I think Metoes is a little dissappointing in that someone can beat you just by fervently scribbling. I loved the hell out of that little game though.

M.Brothers said...

I want one!! Especially now that you can get a free copy of Brain Age at CC and BB when you buy there. A brighter screen would be nice, but other than looks I don't see to many real advantages over the old one. I already have a bigger stylus. Size matters.

Tell me, it the DSL much smaller width-wise? My hands tend to clam up some as it is after playing non-touch screen games for a long period of time.

Greg - give Meteos time. I HATED it when if first got it. But it's fun once you get more familiar with it. Scratching will only get you so far, you have to have a quick eye to really win out.

Hmmm ... I've yet to try my wi-fi connection. Did you guys buy the USB device from Nintendo? I don't have wifi on my PC, so that's probably what I'd get.

k o w said...

The USB access point works great for the DS. I needed one since my girlfriend doesn't want a wireless router. I plug it into her laptop while she's working and I'm off running around in Mario Kart.

Meteos is an incredibly fun game. As stated scribbling will only get you so far. You have to set up your shots alot and stay ahead of the computer or other player. When played multiplayer the game is edge of your seat goodness. I love it and only wish it was wifi enabled as it would end my current Tetris losing streak.

suburbanjoe said...

It doesn't look a lot smaller, but it feels a lot smaller, if that makes any sense. My hands used to get all gnarled as well, and I played Advance Wars: DS for an hour at lunch today with no such effects.

It also feels a lot more solid, which I'm assuming is due to it's tinier size.

I don't use the USB thingy as I have a wireless router and it that works fine.