Friday, June 16, 2006

Facts and Figures

Howdy. Sorry for the late post, but it was a busy day.

On June 1st of this year, Linda and I celebrated 10 years of marriage. In October of this year we'll celebrate 15 years together. At the time, I didn't write anything about it due to the fact that we had already celebrated our anniversary by going to Florida a few weeks earlier. Now, usually I'd write something all nice and sweet and tell Linda how much I love her, but instead, I thought I'd put together a list of figures to show the kind of numbers that come about when two people spend this much time together.

Ages when met
Brandon - 19
Linda - 18
Number of universities attended
Brandon - 2
Linda - 2
Number of degrees obtained
Brandon - 2
Linda - 2
Number of miles of separation for first year together
Number of dates needed to realize neither wanted to be with anyone else
Number of places lived in together
List of places
Mechanicville, NY
Albany, NY
Clifton Park, NY
Federal Way, WA
Renton, WA
Reston, VA
Ashburn, VA
Alpharetta, GA
Distance in miles from first apartment to current house
6412.21 - or .26 times around the Earth
Number of children obtained
Distance in miles traveled to obtain both children
46912 or 1.88 times around the Earth
Dollars spent in obtaining children
Waaaaaaay too many.
Number of Nintendo handhelds purchased
Number of times purchase of Nintendo handheld was met with eye rolling
Number of Neil Diamond Concerts Attended
Number of times purchase of Neil Diamond concert tickets was met with eye rolling
Average age of Neil Diamond concert attendees
Average weekend waking time when first moved in together
11 AM
Average weekend waking time now
6:30 AM
Number of days bitter about not being able to sleep past 6:30
All of them
Number of items thought of for this list before running out of items
Favorite number

I'd like to say those last two were on purpose, but they weren't. I'd like to say that me meeting my wife was on purpose, but the fact of the matter was that I didn't even know she was interested in me. She knew she was interested in me, so maybe her getting together with me was on purpose, in which case I say, "Go Linda!" Sometimes things happen that we don't expect and the next thing you know, you're 15 years older, 6400 miles farther and a billion times more in love with the person next to you. Sometimes you just get lucky that way.

Linda, I love you. Happy (belated) anniversary. All I ask is that we stay put for the next 10 years. 64oo miles seems like plenty.


monique said...

That is so sweet! We've shared some cities one knows about friggin' Renton or Federal Way! That's where my husband and I met!

Booster MPS said...

Very beautiful tribute to your wife! Ummm Neil Diamond?

suburbanjoe said...

Hell yes! Neil Diamond brings it for reals!

Federal Way was awesome. Renton, not so much, but it may have been the freakish, "saved" landlord we had and the visits from the cops to serve the last tenant his various summonses.

monique said...

Federal Way is not so awesome anymore I don't think. Seattle feels so old school to me now that I've spread my wings to other (cooler) places :)