Friday, July 18, 2008

Teh Absence

Oh, how the week flies by when you don't actually write anything!

Not sure why I didn't post this week. I just...didn't. Not that anyone cares, but hey, why should people stick around if I'm not here? Why indeed. I'm feeling a bunch of writing malaise of late including with my GameShark stuff. I managed to pound out reviews of Hellboy for the PSP and Carnival Games for the DS (both sucked) but now I'm facing the task of writing a preview of N+ for the PSP. I also need to get off of my ass and work on this top ten list I've been kicking around for like a month now. Me so lazy!

On to various bits.

I finally finished everything but shooting all of the pigeons and hitting all of the stunt jumps in GTA IV. I was quite satisfied with the ending of the game. The final mission was a bit of a pain, what with no ability to save mid-mission, but it had a nice balance. You drove, you shot, you ran, you biked, you flew a helicopter. It had thrills and chills. The story ended on a nice downer too which I felt appropriate. I mean, Niko Bellic is not a nice guy and while he may have done some things for good reasons, he was a violent killer all the same, so things shouldn't end on a happy, high note. You play with fire, you're going to get burned. Still, it was an odd choice, as at the end of the game, Niko basically states that none of what he did was worth it which usually isn't how you want people to feel after they've sunk dozens of hours into your game. Personally, I loved it as I think the world is shit, so I'm all for someone expressing those thoughts.

I know that some fans of earlier games lamented the lack of true, free roaming destruction that was present in earlier games, but for someone like myself who is paralyzed by so much choice, I felt that the structure was just what I needed to truly enjoy the game. Now all I need is to roll my car five times in one jump, kill all the pigeons and hit all of the stunt jumps and I'll be all done until the DLC comes out. Whee!

Linda and I watched Batman: Gotham Knight and while I loved the animation, I wasn't thrilled with using Kevin Conroy as the voice of Batman. Conroy voiced Batman in the animated series back in the 90's as well as in the JLA cartoon and the Justice League Unlimited cartoon, so it certainly makes sense for him to be the voice, however these stories are set in the Batman Begins universe, so I found the mix of the old and the new somewhat jarring. Granted, that mixture is probably exactly what they were going for, but as a fan of the comics, I've learned to keep all of the various comic property universes separate and in this case, I don't want no animated chocolate in my big screen peanut butter.

In other Batman news, Linda and I are going to see The Dark Knight on Sunday. We are both very excited as we're also going to eat copious amounts of pizza and when we get home, the children will be snug in their beds. Babysitters rule.

Let's see, what else, what else. Oh, Psych season 2 came out on DVD and man if this still ain't one of the funniest shows out there. Those two kill me.

Finally, save for one figure, I have all of the Transformers: Animated figures that are currently out at retail and I love each and every one of them. They're all so clean and big jawed, unlike the spiky movie figures, and with the exception of Bumblebee, they're all very fun to transform and pose. Me likey. I picked up some of the new Classics figures too, and they're fun as well, but I'm really digging on the animated line right now.

Well, I think that's about as much boring minutia of my trivial and sleep inducing life that I think I can come up with. I'm sure you're looking forward to more regular posts of this stellar caliber. I know I am.

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Greg said...

It's not just you. My posting just dropped from 5/week to 1-2/week. No particular reason.

Oh - I've actually put in a little behind-the-scenes work on Lungfishopolis this week too.