Wednesday, July 02, 2008

My Afternoon Itinerary

Here's the schedule of my afternoon today, to give you an idea of how we roll at Hyphen Ridge.

3:30 - Get a call from Linda telling me that the dog shat all over the house.
3:35 - Get a call from Linda telling me that the dog also threw up all over the house.
3:40 - Get a call from Linda telling me that there's blood in the dog's shit.
3:41 - Call the vet and make a 5:00 appointment for the blood shitting dog.
3:45 - Head home to pick up the dog.
4:10 - Get home and greet the family.
4:25 - Get back in the car with the dog to head to the vet which just happens to be down the road from where I work.
4:45 - Get to the vet.
5:45 - Find out that the dog will need to get shots, fluids and have blood drawn because the dog shouldn't be shitting blood. Also find out that the dog won't be ready to be picked up until around 7:00.
5:46 - Get back in the car and head home.
6:05 - Get home and help finish up the kids' bath.
6:15 - Put Abby to bed.
6:20 - Get call from Vet that the dog is ready to come home.
6:21 - Find out what Linda wants for dinner.
6:22 - Get back in the car to go back to the vet.
6:40 - Get to vet and find out that the dog has pancreatitis, possibly caused by stress from the massive thunderstorms we had Saturday and Sunday night.
6:45 - Pay $350 vet bill.
6:46 - Get back in the car with dog and head home.
7:10 - Get dinner.
7:20 - Get home, hopefully for the night.

Sadly, this is the second time in about six months that Henry has had pancreatitis, so we're familiar with the drill and we had the medicated food left over from the last time, thereby saving us 25 bucks. Not that I want anything bad to happen to the dog, but seriously, he either needs to tell his pancreas to get with the program, or see about shuffling off his mortal coil. He has lived a good life, there's no shame in giving up the ghost now. I told Linda that when I get old, if I start shitting all over the house, she can take me in and have me put down and I won't think poorly of her.

Hopefully the dog won't have to go out every couple of hours tonight and we can actually get some sleep. Hopes are high.

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Booster MPS said...

Geez sorry to hear about your dog not doing well. And for the record, I would never put you down for shatting the house.