Wednesday, March 11, 2009

I Love Kelly Clarkson

I do, and I don't care who knows. I. Love. Kelly. Clarkson.

I never watched American Idol when she was on it, or since, but hot damn do I love her music. Here new cd is Teh Awesome and the playlist I made of all of her stuff is currently playing on my new iPod and it is, as Michael Steele would say, off the hook. She be da man. Or something.

I have an affinity for good pop music, emphasis on the "good" part, and this fits the bill nicely. The songs are catchy and girlfriend got some pipes, which benefits the material nicely. So yeah, sue me. I love Kelly Clarkson. Pffffft!

I finally got my hands on Peggle for the DS today and after years of successfully fending off this paragon of casual gaming on the PC, I have already played a match and I can feel the steely tendrils of addiction worming their way into my brain. It hurts, oh God how it hurts, but only for a moment. Then it's nothing but sublime pleasure.

I mean, come on. When I booted up the cart for the first time the game said that it was preparing the rainbows. I wish more games that I played prepared rainbows for me. For as much as I loved the 50 Cent game, if every time he threw a grenade he yelled "Preparing the rainbows motherfucker!" the game would be that much better. I have many the wonderful experience when gaming, but very few of them have rainbows. Not Peggle. In the one stage I played, those fucking things were exploding all over the place, like some kind of Carebear money shot. I also got treated to a slow motion shot of my almost failing a match as if to say, "Hey dumbass, we show you the path of your ball and you still fail? Nice!" Snark and rainbows? Dude, that is right where I live.

So yeah, Kelly Clarkson and rainbows. Love 'em both. Love 'em!


Greg said...

I'd play Peggle on the DS if I could get a copy. Tomorrow, I'm gonna see if I can find Galactrix.

And... uh... I'm gonna assume that you lost a bet and had to write the whole first part of this post.

Brandon said...

No sir. No bet lost. Please see my next post about haters and their need to step off. ;)