Tuesday, March 17, 2009

I Also Read About Kelly Clarkson

First things first, my 50 Cent: Blood on the Sand achievement guide is live and it's hella awesome. Ok, so it's not that awesome, but I did work pretty hard to try and make the simple achievements witty and such. Clearly my efforts were not appreciated by my erstwhile editor as he wants me to ditch such simple achievements in the future due to the fact that the CMS application he uses sucks and it would make his life easier. Personally, I'm all for being thorough and fully believe that any work saved now by not including the simple achievements will only be spent later on answering the feedback emails stating that we didn't include the story achievements. I'm just saying. I kind of felt guilty taking money for this guide as it was pretty easy to write, then again, I did play the game three times, and some levels even more than that, so I put my work in. Besides, if they're going to pay me, there's no reason to feel guilty about it.

In other news, at some recent point, I managed to get myself subscribed to both US Weekly and Blender magazine. US Weekly has been coming to the house for a couple of weeks for reasons I can not fathom. I absolutely despise the culture of celebrity stalking that has risen up in recent years and this magazine is pretty much nothing but gossip stories and shots of celebrities trying to spend time at the grocery store, or at the park with their children. How I got subscribed to it I have no idea and if it weren't for the fact that Linda enjoys flipping through it, I'd call and cancel. You can rest assued that when the invoice for this rag arrives, I will not be replying in the affirmative.

I had no idea I was also subscribed to Blender until my first issue arrived yesterday. It's an interesting magazine, seemingly written for the attention deficit addled younger generation who can't stand to read anything longer than Twitter's 140 character limit. I think in the first 10 pages there were roughly thirteen hundred stories. They had an indepth story on Pink that was just the letter "P" repeated six times. Ok, so it isn't that bad, but if you ever thought that Rolling Stone was too lenghty and full of itself, and honestly, who hasn't, then Blender is for you. In their lists of the bestest songs out there, they did have both Kelly Clarkson and Kings of Leon so at least the writers have some semblance of taste there.

Now, the most important thing about my becoming a new subscriber of Blender is that my inaugural issue had my favorite and yours, Kelly Clarkson on the cover. Hot damn she is so cute. They had an interesting interview/article with her as well. She seems fairly normal, well, as normal as someone who can just grab her girlfriends and jaunt off to Europe on a moment's notice. To be so young, so wealthy and so talented probably isn't normal at all, so one has to take my impressions with a large grain of salt. Personally I found the whole magazine very funny as I have had nothing but disparaging comments sent my way for sharing my love of Kelly Clarkson and rainbows and I felt that this was the universe's way of rewarding my candidness. Either that or someone has stolen my credit card number and is just subscribing me to every magazine sold by Amazon.

At any rate, far be it from me to stop the Kelly Clarkson train, now that it has gained momentum that can only be described as Kellyrific. For your listening pleasure, enjoy two of my favorite Kelly Clarkson songs. The first, "Gone" is from Breakaway. It got some radio play, but honestly every freaking song on that record got record play. It's upbeat, has displays some fine vocal chops and isn't played on the radio every 30 seconds.

Gone - Kelly Clarkson

Second up is "Sober" from My December. I have mentioned before that I love this song and that it's one of my favorites by her. This one is all acoustic like. Awesome!

Sober (Star Lounge acoustic) - Kelly Clarkson

This whole embedding music thing is the shit. I think we may need to to 30 Days of Kelly or something. Kelly and rainbows. That would be so awesome. Epic even.


Greg said...

Aargh! I'm subscribed to the Kelly Clarkson fanblog! I'm gonna have to start writing about Yanni on my blog for revenge purposes.

Brandon said...

Master of the Pan flute? I love him! Wait, that's Zamfir. Oh yeah, Yanni blows.

Mister Bones said...

If you tell anybody else, I'll totally deny it but just between us I kinda dig that second acoustic song.

And imbedding music is indeed the shit, even when you're embedding music that nobody else likes!

On a totally unrelated note, it's been a while since the bacon exploded here, bout time for another food post, eh?

Booster MPS said...

You know, I do like me some Kelly C. It's such a shame that her vocal chops get passed over for people that have no talent. I approve of your choice.

Did not know you were a Kings fan! I saw them here last year and they were pretty good.