Friday, March 13, 2009

I Am Not A Woman

Christ. You make one post about loving Kelly Clarkson and wanting to see more rainbows in games and all you do is get made fun of and have anonymous internet algorithms think you're a female blogger. What the hell!

I'm glad that I left out the part about me cooking and being very good about flower arrangement although that last part, when combined with the love of rainbows and Kelly Clarkson probably would have shifted me from "woman" to "gay". Not to say that all gay men love rainbows and Kelly Clarkson and have a penchant for flower arrangement, I'm just predicting what algorithim that picks a blogger's gender based on posts would say.

I guess the algorith missed the part where I said that I wanted more rainbows in the game where you play a rapper murdering hundreds of people for a crystal skull. Context internet algorithm! It's all about the context.

Did I mention that I also like the unicorn in Peggle? Crap. Probably shouldn't have. Now the algorithm will think I'm a ten year old girl.

I'll tell you what internet algorithm, I'm hella manly. I mean, when I look around my cube, I have robots that turn into cars and planes, I have a Hellboy statue, I have a calendar of kittens wearing silly hats. Oh, look at May! He's so cute and widdle!


I should probably stop posting now and make a note to do manly things this weekend like shoot animals and um, er, I don't know what else. What the hell do guys do these days? Craft something out of wood? Crush beer cans? Hell if I know. I'll stick to the rainbows.

And for all of the folks who derided me for loving Kelly Clarkson, well this one's for you:

My Life Would Suck Without You - Kelly Clarkson

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