Monday, April 09, 2007

For Want of a Button, the Rock Was Lost

Tragedy struck today, tragedy most foul!

I invited a group of coworkers over at lunch time today so that they could enjoy the glory and splendor that is Guitar Hero 2. After laying it down most rocktacularly in "Killing in the Name Of", I handed the axe to my coworker. He attempted to use the strum bar and the green button to navigate the menu, but alas, something wasn't working. Further investigation proved that the green button wasn't working. Had this been the orange button, we could work with that as there's a very good chance I'll never be able to compete any song that uses the orange button even a measly 25% of the time, however the green button is essential, if only to get around from screen to screen.

My coworker mentioned that he felt a shock when I gave him the guitar, but seeing how the entire thing is made of plastic, save the whammy bar, he didn't think anything of it. Disconnecting and reconnecting did nothing. Rebooting the 360 did nothing. Even a 4 hour nap did nothing to bring my blessed controller back to full functionability. Games that require special controllers are all fun and, well, games, until said controller bites the big one. Thankfully Circuit City had a rather large collection of replacements and I have since traded in my busted guitar for a new one. See you at Marshall's, slightly imperfect guitar! Hopefully this next guitar won't have any of the dreaded whammy bar issues others are spinning tales of. When thinking of this post, I had planned on writing "at least my 360 didn't get bricked with the dreaded red ring of death" but thought better of it lest I find words shaping a most unfortunate future. What now? I did write it? I did not! Where? Oh. Shit.

In other music news, last week saw a new Fountains of Wayne album and today our exceedingly cute postal employee dropped off the new MC Frontalot album. Despite the often times aggravating nature of the Internet with it's asinine message boards and total asshats hiding behind the veil of anonymity, I thank the Lords of Technology every day for bringing the Internet into existence, for if they hadn't, I would never have heard of MC Frontalot. This new album is amazing. "Origin of Species" has fantastic lyrics held together by a guitar hook and vocal chorus that rivals anything you'll find on the radio today. An artist like The Front simply could not survive in the pre-Internet radio days which is probably the best argument for tearing all that radio shit down and starting over I can think of. I have heard the future, and his name is MC Frontalot.

Tomorrow, sit back and allow me to bust thick rhymes about Puzzle Quest.

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Bones said...

Damn you and your Puzzle Quest! As far as I can tell, the game simply does not exist in the state of Alabama.