Monday, May 29, 2006

Memorial Day


No gaming post today, what with the holiday and all. I'm playing a lot of God of War and it seems insensitive to me, to write about this game on a day when we honor those that died in war. I'm also playing Guitar Hero a lot and it seems equally silly to write about how I can't get 5 stars on "Iron Man" when others are in far off lands missing their families while under a constant threat of bodily harm.

If you feel the need to spend some time on the internet, see if you can find a soldier's, or soldier's family's blog and leave a comment of support. This is not a political gesture, just a human one, and one that shouldn't be hard to make regardless of your position on the war. One of the permanent links on this page is to Monique's site, Word Well. Monique's husband Terry is currently stationed in Iraq and is only a couple of months away from coming home. Should you want to show some support, that wouldn't be a bad place to start.

Take care. See you on Wednesday.


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Monique said...

Brandon, that was really kind of you. Thank you. I especially appreciate the fact that we can put aside politics to say thanks, because whether it's Iraq, Germany or fighting for independence from England, our men and women put it on the line for those of us who can't, or won't. So thank you.