Thursday, April 02, 2009

Spring Breakage

Spring break is soon upon us, and with it, the task of putting together this behemoth.

If you're thinking "Jesus Christ, that looks like a goddamned house", you wouldn't be that far off of the mark. It does look like a house, it is as heavy and as sturdy as a house and it is as complicated to put together as a house. It also requires a second mortgage, and can double as a home should we lose our jobs and be forced out on the streets. I'm hoping that the new residents don't mind us living in their backyard and bathing in their stream.

Our current swingset, which I put together something like three years ago, is starting to rot and not in an innocuous place but where the beams meet the ground. I tried to pass it off as not being a big deal but my wife is uncomfortable with the notion of our children spending time on a structure that could collapse around them. Smart woman she is.

This new one seems a hell of a lot sturdier, at least the one on display at Costco is, because most of it isn't sheathed in plastic, like the rotting timber of our current set, we can apply whatever chemicals we need to to retard the natural course of, well nature. Granted, I'm looking forward to yearly sealings of the swingset as much as I'm looking forward to putting it together but I'm not about to put all the time and money into building the damn thing just to watch it crumble into dust. Not again any way. Once was enough.

So, with that in mind, we'll undertake putting it together this week while the kids are home, because nothing helps productivity like having two kids, aged 6 and 4 underfoot while you're trying to build a fucking subdivision. The instructions are complicated, but detailed, so I have no doubts that we'll get it done, the real question is how many of the children will survice the process to actually play on it. Only time will tell. If they don't, I'll add some drywall to the fort, run some power and will move the Man Lounge out there. Nothing says fun like video gaming and swings.


Greg said...

You can always hang out at the swing house with the DS. I've been known to use my DS while Lia is on the "fwing"...

Brandon said...

Surely you mean the DSi? Now with extra screen brightness for those outdoor activities!

Booster MPS said...

Dude this is totally my weak spot. I would be the one asking, "So how much does it cost for you to come and put this together for me?"