Monday, September 22, 2008

Weekly Weigh In: Week 16

Technically, this is the 17th week of weigh-in's, however it's the 16th on of these I've written, so I'm going with week 16. It will also be my last.


For two weeks now, my weight has been pegged at 172 even after returning from the feeding trough that was Vegas and getting back to my normal eating and exercising schedule. I'm thinking that my body has just gotten used to the caloric ins and outs of my daily life and I'm not going to lose weight unless I eat even less food or exercise in new and more strenuous ways. Neither of these things is going to happen. I don't relish the idea of getting used to a diet all over again, and I'm not about to join a gym or start lifting weights or do anything that doesn't involve my ass on that bike with either a movie or a video game in front of me.

In the end, 19.5 pounds isn't too bad, and given that it was two more pounds than my goal, I'm pretty happy. I would have liked to have lost another inch or two off of my midsection, but them's the breaks. If I really get tired of carrying the extra inch or so, I can make adjustments to lose it. I'm pretty sure that won't happen, unless the adjustments are "eat more pigs".

For now, I'll keep working out, keep eating how I've been eating while on the reduced plan and hope that things continue to stay the same. Of course, I'll be thrilled if I lose more, but realistically, I can't expect that to happen. Now that I'm at my target weight, I can afford myself the occasional Frosty or other dessert as long as I keep working out and don't go crazy. Yay me. The most important thing will be that I don't go back to my old eating habits, however now that it's been four months, I'm thinking they're a thing of the past. I'll have to stay vigilant though, lest I find myself gorging myself on leftovers right before I go to bad. Bad Brandon! No flank steak!

All in all, I'm very glad that I got fed up enough to lose the weight. I feel great, I think I look OK and I'm not the only person at work not to have lost weight. Talk about peer pressure! If I can keep it off, I'll feel even better. Here's hoping. Thanks for showing an interest in my weight loss travels when you weren't ignoring them completely. Now I need to come up with some other theme for Monday's post, or lack thereof. Back to the drawing board!

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CatSpit said...

Big props mate :) Goal acheived! Now it's a lifestyle thang.

I'm still working on my campaign. Down from 220 to 197 and runnin' out of steam.