Thursday, December 20, 2007

For Greg

Dear Mr. Howley,

First of allow me to express my sincerest regret at not being able to be purchased by you. It is my deepest wish that I could have been brought to the home of someone such as yourself rather than the hu-man to whose home I was deposited.

I have had the benefit of spending time with a great number of hu-mans. Some were successful in seeing past the veil of GLADoS. Some ended up being consumed by flames or shot up by the turrets. Many dropped my compatriots into incinerators, although I know that you would never do that. Thankfully, one escaped and temporarily stopped GLADos and, more importantly, allowed us to be sold and spend time with you hu-mans without the fear of incineration.

The hu-man I have been sent to is nothing like any hu-man I have ever spent time with. He is...strange. He speaks of nothing but singing, yet he is not a singer. He is under the delusion that he is in a, to use his phrase, "kick-ass band" and will not cease talking about it. At night he me. Unspeakable things. Plus, he carries the vague scent of bacon. Yes, I have a nose. It is well hidden.

I know that you live a considerable distance from this hu-man, however I am sure that if you were willing to make the trip, you could easily distract him by asking him to perform with you and abscond me to the wilds of Colorado. There we could live together along with your mate and your offspring. I am very soft and could easily comfort a small hu-man should they find themselves in a state of emotional distress.

Please consider my offer, Mr. Howley. I am not sure how much I can endure living with this hu-man. After time with him, I long for the sweet escape of the incinerator. Even GLADoS's incessant whining is better than what I have had to hear these past few hours.

Respectfully yours,

Weighted Companion Cube

P.S. He kisses like a drunk seal.


Greg said...

You've made my day. I'm going to be chuckling to myself all day now, and my coworkers are going to be very confused as to why.

Brandon said...

Glad you enjoyed it. The WCC is here at my desk enjoying the camaraderie of the Transformers.

Greg said...

My beloved Cube,
How far is Georgia from Kentucky? That's where I'm flying to tomorrow. I just looked at a map and it only looks like a couple inches. I'll bet I could walk.

Of course, once we get back to my place, I'll have to introduce you to my other friend: the Aperture Science heavy-duty 500 megawatt supercolliding superbutton. I think the two of you will get along very well.

Booster MPS said...