Tuesday, October 09, 2007


Two GameShark pieces today kiddies. First is my review of Brunswick Pro Bowling for the Wii. Second is the second installment in Mr. Binky's Random Stuff. Forgive the Halo centric coverage, I'm sure it'll die down at some point.


Bones said...

Another great entry for Random Stuff. I love it, especially the MooseCafe, LOL.

Booster MPS said...

I think that I might like to try a moose fritter! Or chicken friend moose.....or moose on a stick.

I could go on.

bill abner said...

I am taking full credit for finding those pictures.

And yes, Brandon's column is doing great and somehow...someway...is finding an audience.

That kinda scares me.

suburbanjoe said...

People know genius when they see it. Either that of they recognize a train wreck waiting to happen.