Friday, September 30, 2005

Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire

I know that yesterday I said that I was going to post today but instead I've decided to skip out on work and see Serenity. The post, tentatively titled "The Atlanta Driver's Handbook" will have to wait. Sorry about that.

I can report that I've done more extensive research into what is and isn't stressful in Indigo Prophecy and have some results to report. In an early part of the game, Lucas, the killer, takes a leak in his apartment. This destresses him. I then had Lucas pick up a picture of his dead parents and immediately got him all stressed out again. Later in the evening, Lucas returned to his apartment, stressed to the gills. Peeing did nothing to reduce his stress but picking up the picture only moved him further to the edge of despair. So, from this we learn that while peeing is only relaxing part of the time, having dead parents is a permanent bummer. Here's a handy breakdown of what is stressful and what isn't, for cops and killers alike:

Not stressful:
Drinking water
Drinking coffee
Drinking alcohol (makes one wobbly though)
Playing guitar
Beating up on a heavy bag
Saving drowning children

Picking up pictures of dead family members
Getting your amorous advances rebuffed by your ex-girlfriend
Not correctly deducing the cause of the coroner's findings
Not getting to have sex with your girlfriend before going to work
Murdering someone in a bathroom

As you can see, the full gamut of the human experience is represented out here. So remember folks, peeing = good, sometimes and murdering = bad all of the time.

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k o w said...

But what if murder was a way for someone to relieve their stress?