Thursday, August 25, 2005


Nintendogs has been released and I'm about as smitten with my puppy as any rational 33 year old man would be. I bought the Daschaund version as I wanted access to the pug puppies. I've always liked Pugs, however the respiration problems and eye gunkys that come with having a face that looked like it's been hit with a shovel always turned me off. That and I already have two dogs and are loathe to add another real dog to the mix.

Like most real dogs, Puggsly is perfectly obedient and happy to do tricks when it's just the two of us but as soon as someone else wants to see her shake or sit or lie down she's too busy prancing around the room ignoring me. Women. I've attempted to teach her more tricks, but these have some more complexity and as such, are harder for her to grasp. Not that I blame her, I can't sneeze on command either. FYI, to make your puppy sneeze, simply poke them in the nose. Do not attempt this with a real dog. Trust me. I've considered seeing if I could teach her how to blink, but I don't want to accidentally put her eye out.

In our short time together, we've gone for a number of walks, she's eaten and drank a ton, played a little, met some other dogs, eaten some potato skins she found in the garbage, and placed second in an agility trial. This last point is especially surprising, as not 5 minutes before, during our first trip to the agility practice grounds, I got her stuck in a tunnel. Nothing quite like your having your dog stuck in a tunnel, plaintively whimpering while you hurridly scratch and tap the touchscreen, all the time being watched by everyone else in the baggage claim area. Oh yeah, I'm sane.

If I can figure out how to get a good picture of her, complete with her adorable red and white ear bows, I'll post it.

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