Monday, June 08, 2009

And We're Back

Oh yes, back in full effect, whatever that means.

E3 was a hoot as well as being supremely weird. During E3 I did the following:
  • Crashed a fashion show/PR party
  • Got manhandled by Mickey Rourke's bodyguard
  • Fawned excessively over Mark Sheppard (Romo Lampkin from BSG)
  • Fawned excessively over Tom Chick (nicest guy ever)
  • Stopped N'Gai Croal and Brian Crecente in the hall so that I could fawn over them (both are very nice and accommodating)
  • Saw Joe Madureira from afar but he was busy so I couldn't fawn over him locally
  • Rode in an elevator full of four foot tall, hysterically laughing Latinos
  • Heard a bunch of PR bullshit
  • Played a bunch of games
I also got to hang out with Bill and Todd, both of whom are much fun to hang out with even if Todd thinks that Dollhouse is better than Buffy season 1, an assertion that is as wrong as the day is long. The other writers I went with were cool as well, but only Todd excelled at being wrong. He elevated it to an art form.

Once I got home a ton of stuff to write about, which I completed. Now all I have to do is transcribe an interview and then get to all of the emails to PR folks to thank them for showing us around and then beg them for games. Oh the life of the games reviewer. Truly, I have no shame.

Oh, and the people working at High Voltage Software and Harmonix are quite possible the nicest people to ever walk the planet.

I have more to write about involving Transformers and new projectors, but I'll do that later. Don't want to go crazy on the first day back.


todd brakke said...

I'm not sure I said Dollhouse was better than Buffy Season 1. If I did it was just to emphasize that Buffy Season 1 was pretty damned bad at times and got so much better when given a season 2 and that Dollhouse can do the same.

That said, since that's just one of a great many things that I'm wrong about, I guess I'll have to let that go.

I am right about Bayonetta, though. ;)

Greg said...

Although I haven't seen Buffy Season 1, I'm quite skeptical that it's better than Dollhouse.

And I'm quite jealous of your E3 trip.