Thursday, July 19, 2007

Random Bits

I'm not feeling the narrative today, so instead I'll just blather on about my pointless activities. Yay!

I haven't posted any more links to reviews because I haven't had any more reviews posted. Not for lack of trying, that's for sure. I've written two more reviews for GameShark since my Transformers movie review, they just haven't been posted yet. There's still a lot of info from E3 to get posted, which is somewhat time sensitive so it makes sense to post that stuff first. Of course, it's not my decision to make, so what makes sense doesn't matter much in this regard. I wrote 'em and I'll invoice for 'em. What the site does with them is up to them. I've got some pretty interesting games in the pipeline including, but not limited to Alien Syndrome and Boogie for the Wii. At any rate, once my stuff goes up, I'll post a link for all to read. I can give you a sneak peak and let you know that my streak of not liking a god damned thing has been maintained.

On that note, some of my coworkers think I'm being too harsh on these games, to which I respond thusly: whatevah! I'm trying to tell people if it's worth dropping their hard earned cash on a game. To do that, I have to point out the things that I think detract from a game's value, as well as add to it. It just so happens that the games I've reviewed so far had more things that took away from the value than added to it. I think I've explained things in such a way that any reasonably intelligent reader will be able to decide for themselves if the things I'm knocking the games for would be an issue for them. If I'm not, and the review is just a big "this game sucked but it's not clear why" statement, then I obviously have a problem and need to rethink how I do things. That being said, my short term reviewing schedule, including things that have yet to be posted and the next two games I'm doing (not the two I just mentioned) won't do much to change my coworkers' perceptions.

Harry Potter
Linda and I saw the latest movie yesterday and while we both enjoyed it, I think either of the previous two rank higher. I'm torn between my love of Cuaron's work on "Azkaban" and the sheer amount of mayhem in "Goblet of Fire". At any rate, fans of the movie series will find lots to enjoy in this one but upon the picture's end, will want to just jump ahead to the next movie.

Linda and I both have the book preordered for delivery on or before Saturday. I can only hope that my selective media blackout will help keep me from being spoiled. The big death at the end of the last book was ruined for me by some asshole morning disc jockey who has, thankfully, since been let go. Fuck you, Fred Toucher. Since I can't listen to terrestrial radio without blood streaming from my ears, I think I'll be safe from that. Now I just have to hope that the rest of the media world understands that not everyone has the ability to read a 800 page book in one night and keeps their collective pie hole shut for at least a week. I honestly have no idea how this one is going to end and I'd hate for it to be ruined by some dickheaded AP reporter who's dealing with a slow news day.

An odd topic, I realize, but just go with it. I started ordering flavored coffee from The Coffee Fool a few months ago and I thought I'd spread the word. Oddly enough, I found out about them from a targeted ad in my Gmail inbox. I usually don't touch those ads with a 10 foot pool, but this one, entitled "The 10 things coffee CEO's don't want you to know" intrigued me. What made me order was the sheer number of flavored offerings they have, most, if not all of which are available in decaf. Finding good, flavored decaf for my nighttime consumption has been a thorn in my side for years. A man can't live on hazelnut alone!

Anyways, the African Cinnamon is excellent (I'm enjoying a pot as I write this) as is the Chocolate Mint and the Banana Nut. I just got an order of the Chocolate Espresso in and it is slowly becoming my new favorite. The flavors meld together very well and it's the perfect brew to enjoy with that nightly dessert. Mmmmm, nightly dessert. No, I haven't lost any weight, but that's another story. Order processing is fast and I've always gotten my stuff within 2 - 3 days. You also get a discount as you order more and more stuff, and you can set up regular shipments if you find a flavor schedule that works for you. Give 'em a try and help to loosen the stranglehold that Millstone has on the coffee world.

The Darkness
I'm currently playing The Darkness for the 360 and this is one damn fine game. The voice acting is superb, which makes quite the difference. The Darkness powers are well done, and devouring hearts has never been so fun! Actually, I don't know if devouring hearts has ever been fun, so take that last comment with a grain of salt. Should you be in need of a good gaming experience for your 360 (or PS3 if you swing that way) I highly recommend it. It can be completed well in time for the upcoming deluge of titles too and the lack of a ranked match requirement for the multiplayer achievements makes it boost friendly, as my Gamer Tag would attest to. Anyone who has ever played mulitplayer anything with me knows that I couldn't get 50 flag captures in my wildest dreams. Ah boosting, is there nothing you can't do?

Paula Dean is My Hero
I long for the days when I'm old and retired and can spend the day out on my massive deck, the river gurgling in the background, grilling and cooking and making all manner of tasty delights while my husband does yard work. I'm prepared to marry a man to make this happen if I have to. I also appreciate Paula's love of butter, as I love it too! Longevity is overrated. I've got my life insurance policy. I say bring on the butter!


Bones said...

LOL! I was actually curious as to whether or not you'd been playing public matches in the Darkness! I was like DAMN, Binky's on fire! Haha.

I still want to get it, but I want my new house just a bit more. I hope to pick it up soon though.

Greg said...

I'm looking forward to the new Harry Potter book too, and Linda and I may see movie 5 this evening. Oh, by the way, at the end of book 7 they kill off J.K. Rowling.

I've become a much bigger coffee drinker since Lia's been born. If I manage to get a good desktop coffee pot at work, I may check out your coffee site. For now, I buy most of my coffee on the road.

And I've got way too many upcoming games that I'm looking forward to to think about a 360 game. No new consoles for me. I've still got to finish Twilight Princess, Puzzle Quest, God of War 2, Space Rangers 2, Final Fantasy 4, and finish replaying Starcraft, Resident Evil 4, Shadow of the Colossus, Icewind Dale and Far Cry. Like I'll ever finish all those.