Monday, October 23, 2006


Well, we're at the beginning of week two of our illness and boy, does it suck. I thought that I'd be over this cold by now, but the cold seems to have other ideas. Waking up every morning and not feeling better is starting to get tiresome. I can't imagine what it must be like to be chronically ill, where a "good" day is just one where you don't feel like complete shit. I also can't imagine what it must be like to have a difficult pregancy, where you're sick all the time, and then, when it's finally over, you have a newborn to take care of. That would push me over the goddamn edge.

I can tell you that not all nasal decongestants are the same. Some provide sweet, sweet relief and let you go about your day. Others make you feel like someone has hit you in the face with a cinder block. This is the new wrinkle of my cold, where my sinuses revolt and fill with death. I'm not coughing anymore, but there are times, at random mind you, when I swallow and a searing pain emanates from my gullet, as if shards of glass smuggled themselves into my Diet Dr. Pepper.

Finally, I have become very conscious of my nose hairs. It is not a condition I wish to prolong.

The title of today's post is in reference to Toys R' Us's annual buy two games, get one free sale. Yes, I know I'm saving money, and yes, Marvel Ultimate Alliance comes out on Woden's Day, however I found it nigh impossible to resist the ability to pick up not one, not two, but three Playstation 2 Greatest Hits games for 40 of your American dollars. For the record, I picked up Ratchet and Clank 2 and 3 as well as Kingdom Hearts. As anyone with young children can tell you, Disney is all part of the child rearing bargain, so I might as well embrace those animated sons of bitches, and fill my gaming with them as well. In my son's world, both Batman and Spider-Man are in the Lion King movie, so I should show him this game and really fuck with his head.

On a similar note. If you can watch the last Curious George movie and not think that monkey is the cutest goddamn thing ever committed to celluloid, it's quite possible you died and no one told you.

Getting back to the sale, it's early in the week, so I was able to see a good collection of games, however as the week progresses, you can be assured that the quality level will drop dramatically. I'm tempted to go back and pick up Shadow of the Colossus as well as the Jak and Dexter games, but I should probably show some restraint. Otherwise I'll start picking up 40 dollar games as well as 20 dollar games and the value proposition will plummet. 3 games for 80 bucks doesn't have the same savetastic ring as 3 for 40. If you wanted, I guess you could use it to pick up 2 360 games and then get one free, however getting 3 games for $120 bucks is hardly something to brag about.

Now that new games loom on the horizon, my evening movie watching will go on hold. After I wrapped up Battlestar Galactica, I started watching movies to pass the time from the childrens' bedtime until I joined the missus for the evening's tv festivities. I watched Constantine (one of my favorite movies), the Wild Bunch, in all of it's seminal western glory, A Nightmare on Elm Street, which Bones's wife should totally let him get, and American Psycho. An odd movie that last one. Serial killers have never been so funny. If Batman Begins did nothing more than open my eyes to the superb acting of a one Christian Bale, I would consider it a rousing success. I look forward to seeing The Prestige on DVD sometime next spring. Batman and Wolverine in the same film? I may just weep with enjoyment.

Finally, returning to Battlestar Galactica, I have to agree with Mr. Moore that if BSG does not win the Emmy for best visual effects for Exodus Part 2, the Emmy academy, or whoever they are, need to be soundly thrashed. That vision of Galactica plummeting through the New Caprican atmosphere as it spewed forth a torrent of flaming Vipers was a piece of digital wizardry unmatched in television today. If you missed it, or don't watch the show, then a small part of your soul died Friday night. To you, it probably felt like a touch of indigestion. For treatment, I suggest watching the episode when it eventually comes out on DVD. Either that or some flat ginger ale. Your choice.


Greg said...

You didn't pick up Shadow of the Colossus?? Aack!

Sounds like you listen to the BSG podcast also. Yeah - that episode was fracking amazing. I loved the shot when the Pegasus first shows up, but the special effects were just part of it. Tigh's situation with his wife was a hell of a piece of writing, and a hell of a piece of acting. Yowsa!

suburbanjoe said...

Oh, I'll get to it eventually. I just wasn't in that kind of gaming place. I wanted more of a slapstick action-y kind of game, which I got. Three of 'em to be exact!

Bones said...

Kingdom Hearts was fantastic, and believe me when I tell you I got a lot of ridicule for saying so back when it first came out. Never picked up the sequel unfortunately, but I'd like to do so at some point.

I tell ya man, it's getting harder and harder to explain to my wife why I constantly "need" these things.