Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Apologies For Not Posting

I apologize for the lack of a post yesterday and for the lack of an explanation for the lack of a post. Late Sunday night, my stomach decided it no longer wanted to be my body's main food receptacle. Discussions went well through the day yesterday and at this point I'm happy to say that we've reached in agreement. My stomach has been given a small measure of autonomy and half of my pancreas. I, in turn, get to not starve to death.

Given that I'm still not at 100% and I have my surgery on Thursday, possibly making me in a non-posting mood for Friday, I think we'll just call this week a loss and move on. If I feel up to it, I'll continue our journey through the wild world of color tomorrow, but don't hold your breath.

On the plus side, I'm catching up on season 3 of Buffy, when I can stay awake through them. Seth Green is a revelation.


k o w said...

F Seth. I ate a whopper from BK today and my stomach is on the middle of forming a coup de tat. It's Fat Tuesday so I gave into fast food for one day.

MQ said...

Hey! I had BK too. but I had...oh, I guess it would be cruel to talk about my vacation to fast food. I hope you feel better Joe!

Bones said...

Get better soon bud, and good luck wih the surgery tomorrow.